Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Where to begin...

I cannot believe I do not have more time on my hands to update this blog like it needs to be done! Life is so busy...We've started another school year and Miss Marybeth is in Pre-K3 and Miss Mallory is in Pre-K4. They are both attending the same private Christian school which makes schedules a lot easier on me for drop off and pick-up. Before the first week was up, Marybeth made a visit to see the principal for being loud during naptime, not laying down and disturbing other, my, the journey has begun. So, therefore, we have succumbed to bribery every morning to achieve good behavior at naptime at school. She has already earned Dora socks(BLUE of course), ice cream (BLUE of course), snow cones(BLUE of course), candy...she is slightly motivated by treats such as these. BLUE is her signature color. She wants blue everything! Mallory is doing very well in her big girl class and they are learning their vowels to read short one vowel words! I am so amazed. I don't remember learning to read until 1st grade! She'll be a bookworm for sure once she learns how.
Paul and I have made a decision after prayer and talking to committ to the Portico ministry. We are excited about the work that God is doing there and what is yet to come. Portico is our church that is very non-traditional. Portico is accepting of all peeps and wants to share the love of Christ and His salvation with many who would never step foot into the traditional church setting. Although they have no youth at this time that aren't already affiliated with First West, Paul is committing to be the volunteer student minister at this time. Challenges lie ahead, but in the days to come as Portico becomes a separate church(kinda like a church plant), God will grow this area, I'm sure. We are so excited to be part of something so fresh and out of the ordinary! Worship each week is quite an experience and God truly is in it. AND WE REALLY ENJOY RANDY'S TEACHING STYLE...We enjoy being part of a small community of believers. We have a couples community group that meets on Thursday nights and we are thoroughly enjoying it. Our new study is on communication....could it be more appropriate? Sometimes in the busyness we've come to think that the other should know our every thought, but that is definitely not true...even after 7 years of marriage.
Here are a few pics to let you know how our girls are quickly growing. Enjoy!