Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pics of the fam

On again in the same week!!

Check me out!! I am back again. Posting away! Mer will be so proud of me. I have made a few changes to my layout and the colors, etc.
We have had a good Father's Day. Paul is enjoying downloading music for his new MP3 player from Mallory and Marybeth. Pretty cool little get up...holds about 500 songs. Technology these's incredible.
Well, the summer is officially here since it is so HOT! Ryan, our nephew, had his tournament pitching machine game today at Foresythe fields. He played great in the heat of the day. Unfortunately they lost, but they gave it a good shot. Marybeth and Mallory enjoyed being outdoors and eating their candy from the concession stand. The ring pops were a big hit!
Bro. Allen's message was good this morning. Our heavenly Father is the best Daddy ever! Anyone can be a father, but it takes a great Christian man to be a Daddy. We love our Daddy (aka Paul)!!